If you are an allergy sufferer, spring cleaning is more than just a yearly ritual. Spring cleaning is the time when you freshen up your home after winter and prepare for the spring and summer seasons. This task may appear to be daunting, but it does not have to be. Here are some of our top spring cleaning tips for your home.

1. Clean One Room at a Time

The most effective technique for deep cleaning your home is to approach each room one at a time. Before you start cleaning, sit and prepare a cleaning checklist for every room. This helps you to remember the spaces that require extra attention. You may skip areas that were receiving regular cleaning and focus on the places you neglected during winter.

2. Declutter and Organize Your Home

Eliminating is a major part of deep spring cleaning. You will achieve quality results by sorting your things into four groups: trash, store, put away, and give away. Ensure you move as much clutter out of your house as you can to give you and your family more space for the summer.

3. Start At the Top and Work Your Way Down

Starting your spring cleaning from the ceiling downwards will assist you in moving the debris down and save you from having to clean and dust the previously cleaned areas over again. Use a vacuum with an extension hose to remove dust and cobwebs from the fans and ceiling. You can then clean the counters and dust any other items before cleaning the floor. 

4. Show Love to the Walls and Windows

Most people dust surfaces and clean the floors and forget about windows and walls. It is important to note that some dust and debris settle on windows and walls too. You can clean these areas by wiping them with a damp cloth from top to bottom. Also, make sure that you clean the outside of the windows. The more natural light shines in, the better. 

5. Establish New Spring Cleaning Habits

Don’t try to clean your home in a day. Instead, spend 30 minutes every day following your to-do list and tackling several items. This will help you develop a habit of cleaning your house every day, even after the spring cleaning is done.

Performing thorough cleaning after the winter season is essential for your physical and mental health. Follow each of the tips above to make your spring cleaning task a much easier one.


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