Similar to so many other community events, yard sales declined dramatically last year. Despite COVID’s lingering presence, yard sales are starting to appear throughout Long Island. By taking a few precautions, sellers and shoppers can remain safe while scoring a bargain.

If you are looking at hosting your own socially distanced garage sale, here are a few tips.

Sanitize and Organize

Before you open up your yard for business, be sure to sanitize everything thoroughly. Then organize your display with social distancing in mind. Consider displaying items on tables rather than putting them in boxes for customers to rummage through. Be sure to set up tables at least six feet apart from each other and disinfect them often.

Crowd Control

You will want to make sure that a limited number of people are browsing your setup at a time to maintain social distancing. Elect one person to keep a headcount while the garage sale is going on and ask anyone over the limit to wait a few minutes before they browse. Drawing chalk or taping lines to create six feet of distance is a great idea; you can even post signs urging attendees to follow distancing guidelines.

Require Face Masks

A pandemic-safe yard sale is one where attendees wear masks, especially if the yard is small and keeping a six-foot gap between people is challenging. If attendees do not have masks, consider making them available at the entrance or providing them for free. Make it clear when advertising what your protocols and expectations are.

The CDC has announced that mask requirements for vaccinated people will be removed, but if you feel more comfortable with bargainers wearing masks while on your property, then that is up to you.

Sanitizer Stations

Looking for the best way to keep customers safe at your garage sale? Try setting up a sanitizing station for guests to use on their way in. Have a few sanitizing stations around your yard to encourage visitors to frequently disinfect their hands. You can set up some stations at the entrance, exit, or before exchanging cash.

Contactless Payment

To reduce contact, consider using a payment app such as PayPal or Venmo. If that is not possible, ask for the exact amount in cash, so you do not need to give back change, then make sure you sanitize after each payment.


Do not let another garage sale season pass without decluttering your home. Garage sales help you get rid of things you no longer need, which can make moving into your forever home that much easier. You just need to remember to follow guidelines, be careful, and foster a safe environment. And if you require a mortgage to start the next chapter of your life, contact us today to find out how Lynx Mortgage Bank LLC can help.

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