An excellent first impression is important for any homeowner, whether they are planning on selling their house or just entertaining guests. Furniture, decorations, and interior design can create a good first impression—but your yard is your business card. You want your property’s curb appeal to stand out immediately. A container garden is an easy and fast way to boost yours.


Grab your shovel, and let us get started!

Choosing the Right Flowers

When gardening, you do more than just grow your favorite flowers. While Mother Nature does most of the work for you, there is still some planning and decision-making involved.

Choosing species that can coexist with each other and considering the weather in your area are important things to factor in when selecting your plants. The maintenance of your garden can be made even simpler if you plant perennials. Remember to keep colors in mind as well—try using a color wheel to identify flowers that complement each other and the facade of your home and porch.

Maintaining your Container Garden

Using medium or small containers will make it easier to maintain your container garden. The larger the pot, the more water is absorbed, making it heavier and more difficult to move. You can use mulch or packing peanuts as a lightweight filler in containers. Fertilizing your flowers every two weeks will ensure they thrive and try not to overwater or underwater your pots. Lastly, you should make sure to trim your plants regularly so they do not look unkempt or become leggy.

The Power of Lighting in Your Container Garden

Lighting enhances the magic of plays, films, and photographs alike. If you want to improve the curb appeal of your container garden, use lighting to enhance the elements that you want to emphasize and fade out less attractive ones. Try marking the boundaries of a path in your yard with landscape lighting. Above all else, make sure your flowers and plants are the stars of the show, not your lamps.

Try Thinking Outside The Pot

A container garden’s versatility is one of its biggest advantages as a decorating tool. Sometimes it is okay to step out of the norm and think a bit differently. You can turn pants, totes, and even shoes into creative planters with a little imagination. We recommend that you find a dollar store or a thrift shop near you and purchase your items there. If you want to add a touch of festive charm to your home when selling it near a holiday like Halloween, then this is an excellent option!

Add a Little Pizazz to Your Mailbox

Mailboxes are more than just functional. When it has the potential to draw attention from the road, why not use it to enhance your curb appeal? Consider placing a container garden near your mailbox to create a beautiful and welcoming scene for passersby. You should consider its ability to complement your flowers and plants. Try painting your mailbox white and surrounding it with colorful flowers to create some well-needed contrast. Have some leftover exterior wall paint handy? Match the color of your mailbox with the color of the exterior of your house and save yourself a trip to the store.



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