During the fall on Long Island, the air gets crisper and the days get shorter. During the holidays, it is lovely to receive family and friends, but what should you do if you are also trying to sell your house?


Trying to move and plan for the holidays can be hectic, but with proper staging, you can make an impression that helps you land a close faster. Check out our best tips to stage your listing so it will stand out to prospective buyers this spooky season.

Setting Up Your Space.

Before you can sprinkle some fall adornments around your home, you need to prep the space with a good cleaning. You will feel much more at peace when your home is deep cleaned before anyone visits. Give your shelves a good dusting and declutter every room. Make sure your closets are either emptied or tidied to help emphasize the amount of storage available in your home.


Clean and organize your doorway so there is enough space for any coats and shoes. For an extra touch, consider adding some pumpkins or a nice wreath to give your front step added curb appeal.


Why not try sweetening the deal by preparing a small assortment of spooky sweets, or perhaps some Halloween candy in a bowl to welcome potential buyers?

Involve your whole family!

Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations are a great way to express your family’s style and make potential home buyers smile! Even though you are moving, you and your buyers can still enjoy some festive fun. It can be fun to decorate the house with your family the night before a viewing, and for the kids, it can be even more exciting if they are allowed to wear Halloween costumes.


Top decorating trends for the year include incorporating vintage or minimalist pieces as centerpieces, creating spaces with warm lighting, and using nature as inspiration for theming so do not be afraid to try something new.


Greenery and flowers are also great ways to brighten a room. Why not incorporate a few stems to create a beautiful table setting in the dining room? That way, potential buyers can see themselves spending time around the table with their friends or family come Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Some Final Considerations.

It is fun to stage your home for the season, but you want your home to look inviting and beautiful, NOT like a haunted house. To attract buyers instead of scaring them away, you should consider the following:

  • Organize your fall and holiday decorations around a cohesive theme
  • Less is more—avoid cluttering up your home when decorating
  • Decorate your house in a coordinated way so everything matches the theme
  • Consider investing in quality decorations to avoid things looking cheap and gaudy
  • Enhance the finest features of your home rather than detract from them when you decorate



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