Plenty of homeowners across the country are looking forward to buying a new home on Long Island, and that means plenty of opportunities to get your home ready for a quick and easy sale.


We have put together a few tips to help get your house show-ready!

Do Not Neglect Your Furnace Ducts

No amount of cleaning your home is going to matter if you are sneezing and coughing from the air you are breathing. Make sure your registers are clean and replace your furnace filters to give your guests a break from seasonal allergens.


Freshen the air with an oil infuser, light a scented candle, or invest in some air freshener spray to give your space a welcoming and pleasant scent every time an interested buyer enters your home.

Cushions Off, Vacuum On

As much as we enjoy relaxing on our couches and loveseats, they are also places that are difficult to clean, meaning over time they collect hair, dirt, and crumbs.


Give your couch the deep cleaning it desperately needs by attaching the upholstery head to your vacuum. Remove your cushion covers and give them a long soak to lift any stubborn stains, odors, and debris the vacuum may have missed.


Freshen up the seating area with some decorative pillows, and a stylish throw blanket to give the space some added texture.

Put a Little Love Into Your Shower Curtains

Think it is time to toss out that plastic shower curtain? Think again. Shower curtains made of plastic are often just as washable as their cloth counterparts, so you can save some time and money. Just make sure to set your washing machine to “delicate”, then once finished, hang to dry.

Book Some Time for Your Bookshelf

Messy surroundings lead to a messy mind, so why not tidy up the part of the house that feeds your brain the most? In the wake of your heavy-duty cleaning around your home, move on to your bookshelf and arrange your belongings in a way that is easy to see and easy for you to understand. Maybe they could be sorted by size, color, You can also display your Blu-rays, games, and any other collections you have!



The summer heat may have you cooped up at home in front of the AC, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relax in a freshly cleaned space! If you are looking to put your home on the market on Long Island and want more great tips to land a quick sale, the mortgage experts at Lynx Mortgage Bank LLC want to help! Contact us today at 877-599-5969 or fill out the form on our website to book your consultation.

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