Long Island is famous for drinks, bagels, sights and being the hometown of Billy Joel. But the realm of drinks goes beyond beer and wine. Did you know Long Island has a variety of local coffee shops? It’s a fact that Long Islanders find coffee to be as necessary to start the day as anyone else—that’s why they have several local hot spots that are buzzing during the day with creativity and mouth-watering food and drinks. Here are some of the most visit-worthy coffee shops on Long Island.

1. Bean Coffee House

If there’s just one coffee house on Long Island you must choose, it should be Bean Coffee House. It has three locations: Babylon Bean, Babylon Bean North and Bay Shore Bean for your convenience. You get a variety of coffee beans from around the world for specialty drinks, plus a selection of break and lunch items and bakery goods. Free Wi-Fi, live music, open mic and psychic readings are available at all locations for you to enjoy no matter where you are on Long Island.

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2. Bluestone Lane

Out of the multiple U.S. locations, it was necessary to include one on Long Island. Bluestone Lane takes cues from Australian coffee shops. South American roasts pair with several milk choices and seasonal meals along with the classic Australian avocado toast. There’s also The Beach Collective for Australian brand names. If you want to be near all the action, Lynx Mortgage Bank LLC has a loan option that’s right for you.

3. Cafe Portofino

For a more intimate experience, the small coffee house grew into a cafe and offers you delicious drinks, live music, an open mic and poetry readings. It’s lost none of its warmth and charm as you’ll feel welcome from the moment you step foot inside.

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4. Coffee Booths

This unassuming spot is cherished for award-winning, hand-roasted coffee and authentic, local ingredients. Choose from a variety of flavored coffees and family-recipe muffins and biscuits.

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5. Crazy Beans

This coffee shop is famous for its pancake quesadilla, which you must see and taste to understand and believe. There are three locations available to serve you delectable breakfast wraps and specialty drinks presented in mason jars.

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