The exterior of your property determines the curb appeal of your home and how much use you get out of the setting. It is important to have a tidy and attractive space during the summer months to ensure you have a spot to host guests and lounge outdoors. With a few cost-effective upgrades, your yard can transform itself without spending an arm and a leg this summer.

Add a Fire Pit

Building a fire pit is a simple and affordable project that does not require a lot of materials or refinancing your house to pay for the costs. Find retaining walls with circular shapes at your local home improvement store, which you can stack to make a fire pit. Add rectangular pavers inside, and fill in any cracks with paver sand. Place a few patio chairs or benches around the pit to create a seating area.

Repair Existing Fences

If a Long Island home you are looking at has a damaged or weathered fence, it can be an eyesore in the yard, even if the rest of the house is in great shape. Although you may want to replace it, it is possible to perform repairs and apply a fresh coat of paint without spending a lot of money.

Illuminate the Yard

The right lighting in your yard can create a cozy and beautiful setting at night. It will also increase the level of security and help prevent your house from becoming a target for intruders. Consider adding solar panel lights to the walkways as well as string lights on a patio cover. This will allow your guests to find the right paths to walk on and can even allow certain features to be highlighted.

Install a Hammock

Adding a hammock to your yard will create a place that feels inviting and allows you to lounge comfortably. Add a pillow to the hammock or place a small table nearby where you can set your drink for extra luxury.

Add Curtains

Consider hanging curtains on a pergola or patio cover, which will make it feel like you have a cabana in your backyard while enjoying the outdoor views of Long Island. This also adds extra privacy to your backyard space.

With the right low-cost additions made to your yard, you can transform your yard and get more use out of it throughout the years that you spend in your home on Long Island. If you want to go for a bigger backyard upgrade, consider refinancing your mortgage for home improvements. Contact Lynx Mortgage Bank LLC to discuss how the refinancing process works and how we can help your family enjoy your home for years to come.

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