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This Year We Make Spring Cleaning Easy

After a long winter filled with chilly weather, we can finally sense that spring is around the corner. With warmer temperatures and the sunset moving into the late evening, everyone is feeling rejuvenated and anxious to begin new projects. One of the first projects on everyone’s mind is spring cleaning. Below we’ve outlined some great ideas to help you do a thorough job.

  • Make a list. Before you blindly dive into your cleaning projects, take some time to carefully give your entire property a walk through.  Make sure you are jotting down everything you want to accomplish. This can help you catch things you may have missed. In fact, making a spring cleaning list will give you the satisfaction of crossing a task off once it is complete.  Make sure to keep yourself organized this spring to ensure you make the most out of your time.
  • Don’t forget to breathe.  Replacing air filters throughout your home is one of the most overlooked aspects of spring cleaning. Replacing your filters will help keep your air clean while catching unwanted particles before they enter your home. This easy and inexpensive task will ensure you are breathing clean and healthy air. In extreme cases, we recommend installing a few air purification devices through your home as well. This will help anyone who suffers from bad allergies.
  • Don’t forget about your walls.  Too often people forget to clean their walls. Instead, they focus all their time on cleaning the floor. Which is important, yet not all dust particles settle on the floor. Simply taking a damp towel and washing down your walls can ensure you are removing as much dust as possible while you are spring cleaning this year.
  • Did someone say steam cleaner?  If you are making all this effort to ensure you are breathing in fresh air don’t fill your lungs with the harmful fumes that come from chemicals this time around. We recommend investing in a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner utilizes hot water vapor to clean most surfaces, with no harmful chemicals being added to the air. This can not only expedite the Spring Cleaning process, but it can also help you stride towards a cleaner overall environment.
  • I still own that?  A good way to get you into the spring cleaning mood is by beginning to de-clutter your belongings, and purging your closets and drawers of items you no longer utilize. This will help open up space throughout your home. By de-cluttering, in the beginning, you may find you have more space to add some newer additions to your home before you start hosting all those summer barbeques. At the very least this will help you keep a good inventory of what you own.

This year make spring cleaning fun for the entire family — never look at it as a chore, but as an opportunity for a fresh start. If you’re thinking of moving this spring/summer, call the Mortgage Specialists at Lynx Mortgage Bank LLC. (516) 334-0200 and get pre-approved today.

Lynx Mortgage Bank was founded by a small group of mortgage and financial professionals in Long Island, New York, seeking to offer customers a simple “no surprises” approach to the mortgage process. They offer a full range of products, from mortgages to home equity lines of credit.

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