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Are You Moving to the Right School District? 

When focusing in on homeownership there are many factors you must take into consideration before making a purchase. Most of those factors deal with the physical home its self; such as size, overall condition and property configuration, but it’s also critical to look at the school district you may be moving in to. Being in the right district not only adds value to your home but is essential if you are planning — or already have — a family. Below are a few tips on how to find the right district :
  •  Do you have or want children in the near future? Depending on if you already have children or if you picture kids being a part of your lifestyle can be a monumental factor in picking the right home. If you don’t see yourself starting a family in the near future then the right School District isn’t as important for you as it is for others. However, if you do plan on integrating a family into your lifestyle sooner than later it is vital for you to make sure you’re moving to an area with a school that satisfies your expectations.
  •  Good can be Great.A variety of factors go into a home’s value. One aspect is the quality of the school district the house resides in. The better the district the higher value of the surrounding homes. This can take a home right out of your budget. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for a poor school district. In fact, there are a plethora of schools that are far above satisfactory. The difference between a good school and a great school district isn’t as big as you may think. It can come down to your overall preference. Would you rather have a nice newer home in a good district or a normal average home in a great district? Having your priorities in line can make this decision much easier.
  •  Short term or long term? Much like knowing the timeline of when you want to have children, it’s also important to know how long you plan on staying in the home you are buying. Just because you are buying a home doesn’t mean you will be in that same space for an extended amount of time. A lot of time people move into homes to help their current situation, however, they know this isn’t in their long term plan. If that’s the case for you than being in a good school district isn’t important. In fact, if this is a short term location for you then perhaps moving to a poor school district can help you find a much more affordable home.
When you decide it’s time to start looking for a new home don’t just focus on the home its self. Make sure you are evaluating the neighborhood along with the school district it resides in. Not only will this be a determining factor in the value of your home, but it can also be a huge aspect of whether or not this is the right home for you. The entire home buying process can be difficult, that’s why it’s vital to have a team of highly experienced professional’s by your side. Here at Lynx Mortgage Bank LLC, we are by your side during the entire mortgage process. We Guarantee Satisfaction; not Surprises. Give us a call at 877-599-LYNX and begin the journey of home ownership today.

Lynx Mortgage Bank was founded by a small group of mortgage and financial professionals in Long Island, New York, seeking to offer customers a simple “no surprises” approach to the mortgage process. They offer a full range of products, from mortgages to home equity lines of credit.

Licensed Mortgage Banker; New York State Department of Financial Services.

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