The New Home Purchase Jitters, and How to Deal with Them.

So, you’ve finally made a new home purchase and moved in — and you’ve contracted a terrible case of buyer’s remorse. You’ve had doubts ever since you signed on the dotted line, but now that you are in your new home, you fear you will regret your decision to purchase. Relax!

Never fear, you’re not alone. According to a Harris Poll, as many as one in four new homeowners fear they will regret their new home purchase.

Below we’ll show you how to deal with these jitters and get back in touch with the excitement you felt when you originally found and decided to purchase your new home.

  • Process your thoughts: Allow yourself some of time to process your second thoughts. Purchasing a new home is a milestone life event and it’s completely understandable to be anxious and filled with conflicting emotions. Try calling a friend or speaking to a loved one and talk about your experience, and remember, these emotions will pass.
  • Accentuate the positive: Find something that makes you smile and display it in a location where you will always see it. Perhaps it’s a lively and uplifting painting or a picture of your family — either way, getting in touch with positive feelings will help you adjust tremendously. Take a quick get away weekend trip, clear your mind and return to your purchased home.
  • Take it easy: Unpacking can be overwhelming, so start small and celebrate each little milestone. Start in the areas that will use most, such as the kitchen, your closet or bedroom. Gradually build the home you dreamed of living in your entire life.
  • Take advantage of a blank canvas: You may have always wanted to try a certain paint color in your old home, but you never had the chance. Well, now is the perfect opportunity to try that shade of green you’ve always wanted to use.
  • Buy some flowers: We usually reserve buying flowers for someone we love, and buying them for your home can be a surprisingly meaningful gesture. You may be amazed at home much they will brighten your mood.

Remember, you purchased your new home for a logical reason, and reminding yourself of this, coupled with the suggestions above will help you calm those post purchase jitters and start you down the path of enjoying your new home.

New home puchase jitters

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