How To Enjoy Your Long Island Backyard in the Winter

Enjoying your backyard does not have to be a summer activity—a little time and effort can turn your snow trodden backyard into a winter wonderland with a few helpful ideas. Continue reading to learn how you can enjoy your backyard despite the cold.

Enjoy Your Yard All Year Long

Creating weatherproofed spaces and adding heat sources will allow you to enjoy your yard all year long, while also increasing the value of your home. Add a sunroom or enclosed gazebo for a secure entertaining space and choose furniture that will withstand the elements

Don’t Forget About the Hot Tub

There is a reason hot tubs are so popular year-round—they make you feel wonderful, cozy, and are a great way to relax any time of the year. Whether it is a solo soak or you’re spending time with friends and family, a hot tub is a great way to unwind and relax while staying warm. 

Keep Things Warm With a Fireplace

Extend your outdoor time by adding a source of heat near seating areas. Besides warming up chilly visitors, an outdoor fireplace is a wonderful place to gather around and drink a warm beverage or roast marshmallows. Consider adding a fire pit, outdoor fireplace or heater to warm things up.

Two Words: Pizza Oven

Turn your backyard into an amazing and entertaining cooking spot with a beautifully crafted pizza oven. Integrating this idea with a fireplace proves double-duty since you can generate warmth and enjoy some delicious homemade pizzas. They are fueled by wood and would be great to incorporate into a mini outdoor kitchen.

Combining a fireplace with a pizza oven, adding an outdoor hot tub, and weatherproof seating will have you and your guests wondering why you even stayed inside in the first place.

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