Five key players in the home inspection process.

A home inspection is one of the most important steps in the home buying process, and first time homeowners don’t necessarily know what to expect. Below we’ll outline the key players in the process and how they fit into the home inspection process.

  • You (the buyer): You’re there to learn as much as you can about the home you are interested in. You need to make sure you can learn every bit of information before moving forward. Before inspection day, make sure you thoroughly read the seller’s property disclosure and any other documentation related to the home, so you are aware of any existing issues. Make sure you are free for at least a half a day for the inspection.
  • Your agent: A good agent will be with you during the entire inspection process. If they are experienced, they’ve been through numerous inspections and can add a good deal of valuable insight.They can spot problems, answer questions and help direct the inspector to potential issues that require investigation. Use them as an asset to your home search.
  • The listing agent: The listing agent represents the seller, and they should have an intimate knowledge of the house. This will allow them to answer any questions you or your agent may have and address issues with the home inspector. The listing agent should be working hand in hand with your agent to facilitate a smooth inspection process. Make sure the agent is looking out for you and doesn’t just want to sell the house as quickly as possible. Listing agents may or may not be at the home during the inspection.
  • The inspector: Ideally you have hired a licensed home inspector with an impeccable reputation and numerous personal references. A good inspector will be completely neutral and not take sides when an issue presents itself. The inspector should do a complete review of the home and present you with a detailed report. Finally, a good inspector will be available to review your report with you and thoroughly explain every detail of the report.
  • A trusted friend or relative: Be careful if you decide to bring a friend or relative. While they certainly can provide valuable insight, they may also want to seem like they are helping by pointing out non-issues. Make sure to explain to them that it is important that they only discuss issues with you and that these issues should not be trivial.

Hopefully the inspection will go well and there will be no issues regarding the home you want to buy. If there may be a problem, make sure all parties involved understand them thoroughly.

The home inspection process

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