5 ways to make your dream home truly yours.

Congratulations! You’ve finally found your dream home. Moving day is over, you’ve unpacked quite a bit, and you finally have the chance to sit back, relax and admire your new home. But something just doesn’t seem right; you feel as though something is missing from your home, but you cannot put your finger on it. Below are 5 tips that will help you find that connection to your home and make it truly yours.

  • Personalize it! Personalizing your dream home will go a long way in helping your new home truly become yours. Make the home yours and give it the feel that you saw when looking at it with the agent for the first time. Display photos of your favorite memories with friends, family, significant other, etc. Try painting a wall with one of your favorite colors to add a splash of personality to your home. Do you have any collectibles that’d you’d like to display? Now is the time to think of a setting up a creative display. Your home is “yours” and no one else’s, that feeling can’t be captured by anyone else except yourself.
  • Create a “you” zone: Make a place in your home specifically for rest, relaxation and mindfulness. This will be the place you go to curl up with a good book, or read a few magazines while sipping a cup of tea. Surround yourself with things that make you feel comfortable and secure. Maybe a den, or even a room with art work to relax when things get tough. Personalize this space to know you can come here for the good and bad times. Avoid putting distracting items such as televisions and video games in this room.
  • Add some nature! Buy flowers and plants and add a touch of natural color and beauty to your dream home. Besides being beautiful additions to your home, plants offer a health benefits too. There are plenty of plants you can choose from, and even if you aren’t a gardening expert, there are many options available for the novice.
  • Organize: Sometimes your home can be a mess and you may not even realize it. This can cause stress and a feeling of unease. Make the decision to clean up and de-clutter your entire home. Keep everything short and simple to avoid clutter. “Less is more” Simply make up your mind to get rid of everything that is unnecessary or unwanted. You’ll be surprised at how much happier you’ll feel once this is accomplished.
  • Focus on the positive: Remember that a new home is a constant work in progress. Don’t focus on what needs to be done, pay attention to all the things you have accomplished already. This will most certainly help you build a stronger connection to your home.
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