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Knowledge. Experience. Dedication.

Our management team consists of a core group of experienced financial professionals recognized for their contributions to both the mortgage industry and their local communities. Their commitment to providing unsurpassed client service and solid financial products is the guiding principle by which they operate. As a matter of fact, the entire Lynx Mortgage team operates by the motto “always do whats best for our customers.

Our Management Team

Zahra Jafri – President
With over 30 years of industry experience, Zahra Jafri has the knowledge vital for success. A natural entrepreneur, she began Lynx Equities in 1989 and continued to expand her understanding of the mortgage business throughout Long Island and New York State. Zahra’s dedication to learning was the driving force behind the success of her business. Over the next decade, she developed many well-established relationships with leading brokers and attorneys. In 2004, Zahra, along with her partners, founded Lynx Mortgage Bank LLC, and has been setting the industry standard ever since. She remains very active in the mortgage industry outside of her company. She is a member of many mortgage associations and currently serves as Director and past president of NYAMB and current treasurer of MBAofNY.

Andre L. Mitchell – Executive Vice President
A veteran in the mortgage industry, Andre Mitchell has been a pillar of success for Lynx Mortgage Bank. With 34 years of professional experience, there’s nothing he hasn’t seen or dealt with. Since starting his career in 1986, Andre has mastered his craft by understanding every aspect of the mortgage industry. In 2004, he merged his expertise with his current partners at Lynx, and has been an essential part of the bank’s growth.

Shabana Rizvi – Senior Vice President
After earning her B.A. degree in Management from St. John’s University, Shabana Rizvi came to work for Lynx and has spent over 30 years with the firm. A company principal and current Senior VP; she has assured the growth of her company without sacrificing her core values of integrity and personal service. Her many years at Lynx Mortgage Bank have enabled her to work closely with many clients to provide a mortgage that strengthens their financial stability and puts them in the home of their dreams. “That’s my favorite part of this business,” said Rizvi, “the greatest professional compliment one can get is the smile of a satisfied mortgage client.

TrueFocus Customer Care Philosophy:

When navigating the mortgage process, finding the right program is vital to your financial stability. That’s why we make it our priority to put your financial requirements at the center of everything we do.

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