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Competitive Rates: Do More — With Less.

Having the best interest rate possible is advantageous because, simply, the money you are borrowing costs less, which allows you to do more with it.

Since our inception, we’ve paid particular attention to developing a streamlined business model that allows for efficiencies many larger mortgage lenders simply cannot provide. This means we can react quickly, make adjustments and get you the most competitive rates possible in New York.

Everyone’s rate varies from one degree to another because they are determined by a complex array of factors, including your financial history, but you can be confident that we will stop at nothing to get you the best rate possible.

Contact a Lynx Mortgage Bank Loan Specialist today at 877-599-LYNX to discuss how we can get you a very competitive rate.

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Direct FHA Lender
Competitive Interest Rates
Low Down Payment Programs

Wide Array of Financial Products
Exceptional Customer Care

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